30 December 2010

38 Years and Counting (The Blessings)

On the eve of my 38th birthday I decided to try writing again.  And I would like to write about the 38 nearly random things I am truly grateful for in my life.  I only mentioned "nearly random" because the very first item on the list was that which inspired me to list down all that I am thankful for.  Here they are:

38.  Halo-halo on a sweltering day
37.  A clear and smooth drive through Katipunan at 3 PM.  On a school day
36.  Killer stilletos I can run in
35.  My little girls belly laugh
34.  Dancing in the rain under a John Mayer sky
33.  Bacon
32.  Diamond Peel
31.  Senor Pedro Lechon Manok and Liempo
30.  Being friends with exes
29.  High School reunions
28.  Spanish sardines after a great, big function
27.  Having a laugh with my staff
26.  Coming up with a really cool outfit
25.  Acting my age
24.  NOT acting my age
23.  Macadamia Brittle Ice Cream
22.  Sweet Corn  Sorbetes 
21. My neighborhood Panaderia Pantoja-- for the softest and prettiest Sesame Seed    Bread  (under 60 bucks) that make for the best Ham and Cucumber Tea Sandwiches and for indulging my whimsical demands such as slicing white loaf lengthwise (to roll into Cheese Pimiento Pinwheels)
20.  Bento Boxes
19.  Saizen, Choto Stop, New Hatchin
18.  J.R.R. Tolkien
17.  Our Yaya of 13 years
16.  Our new "Ate" of 6 mos.  (please don't change)
15.  My food being on someones yearly Christmas Table 
14.  Wagyu
13.  Ebi Tempura
12.  The absence of debt
11.  Being part of someone's happy memory
10.  The gift of always being able to do the thing I love-- and making a living out of it!
  9.  Friends who are the same whether you're with them or not
  8.  Brothers who inspire me to see the world through someone else's eyes
  7.  Sisters who are so different from who I am and teach me there's no one perfect way   of being a Mom/Daughter
  6.  Simply the best Dad in the whole wide universe!
  5.  My strange but wonderful family life
  4.  Holding on to the last rays of my boy's "baby-ness"
  3.  Letting go bit by bit, to watch him one day be the best man he could possibly be 
  2. A daughter who massages my head when it hurts and hands me tissues when I cry watching sad movies
  1.  Eating, praying and loving-- at home.  That I only have to light up my stove to be nourished to the soul,  that I only need to close my eyes and feel so small against the will of God, that I only have to reach out my arms to hold the loves of my life--  I am truly, truly thankful.